Action Items

Action feature is introduced in version 3.0 and enhanced in version 3.2.  Action Items allows user to quick access phone functionality like email, map with a simple click.
Action item can be set up for task or items in checklist. We will use task as a example to set up action items in Checkmark.

When you add or edit a task, click on action field to invoke action setup dialog.
 You have two choices to enter action items:
  • Import from contacts(Pro version only): allows user to pick up contact from your address book directly and import the information automatically.
  • Manual edit: manually enter action info.
 If user select Import from contacts, the fields will be populated with the contact info. Otherwise, the fields will be left empty.  You can enter the  action information as needed:

  • Phone: will invoke phone client.
  • Text Message: will invoke text message client
  • Email: will invoke email client
  • Address: will invoke map client
  • Web: will invoke web browser.

Two operations you can do on an action item by clicking on the action icon next to the edit field:
  • Click on the action icon to add a new action entry. for example, click on the phone icon to add another phone entry
  • Long click the action icon to delete an entry from the action list provided it's not last item of the same kind(or you can leave the field empty).  
Once action items are setup, save the change and exit the task edit window. In dashboard view, you will see an icon shows up on the right side of the window.  If there are multiple action items for the given task, there will be a small '+' sign on the right bottom of the icon.

To invoke the action item(s) associated with the task, simply tap on the icon and select the action item you want to perform if multiple action items are available.

* The action item can also shows up in widget. However, you need Pro version to be able to invoke action item directly from widget.