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Edit Bar

Edit Bar is available in Checklist Detail Edit mode(version 5.2 or higher). It is intended for user to quickly edit, delete and move items.

By default, Edit Bar is visible when user switch to edit mode in checklist detail view.  User can turn on/off edit bar  from option menu.

To hide edit bar
  • From Options menu, select Hide edit bar
To show edit bar
  • From Options menu, select Show edit bar
* The menu item is only shown in edit mode
* The choice is persistent and won't change until user explicitly changes it.
* The edit bar is working best in portrait mode.

When a Edit bar is shown during edit mode, select the item you wish to edit by tapping on the item entry (The active item is shown with green bar at the end). Once  an item is selected, you can select the menu icon on the edit bar at the right side for corresponding operation. The menu operations are(from top down):

  • Edit item
  • Delete item
  • Move first
  • Move up
  • Move down
  • Move last
  • Move to category
* Each menu icon corresponds to the context menu item when you long click on a item.
* The edit bar can make moving item around quite easy.