Calendar Sync

Calendar Synchronization is introduced in version 3.0 and enhanced in later releases.

Setup Calendar Synchronization

 Select the calendar to sync
  1. In Dashboard view select Options menu and click Settings to bring up Settings view
  2. Click on the Calendar entry to bring up calendar selection dialog. Select the calendar to sync tasks and checklist to.
Select task or checklist to Sync

Once the  sync calendar is selected, you will be able to see Sync to Calendar option in Add and Edit views for tasks and checklists. (The Sync to Calendar option will be enabled only when due date is selected)

Once Sync to Calendar option is selected, the task will be synced to the specified calendar as an event.

If no due time is specified, the item will be synced as an all-day event, otherwise the synced event will have Checkmark due time set as Google calendar begin and end time.
* Sync feature works on per item basis only.  User need to check 'Sync to Calendar' option each time for task or checklist in order to sync. (Auto Sync Option will omit this step)

Auto Synchronization

Auto sync option is introduced to allow user to sync task/checklist automatically. The Sync to Calendar option in Add and Edit window for task and checklist is hidden once the option is checked.
* The auto sync option is forward only, which means once the option is checked, it only applies to newly created items or items being edited.

Known Issues

Sometimes the All Day items synced to calendar appears one day early or late on certain phone models or OS version. We have not find the reason behind it. In the meantime, we provide an option in Settings window to allow all day items to be synced one day early or one day late as needed.