Upgrade & Download Issues

Before upgrade,  Always BACKUP your current database to SD card first!!!
Although it happens rarely, few users did experience database corruption  during application upgrade.

In Checkmark Dashboard,  Go to Settings
, select Backup from Settings menu. All your data will be backed up to SD card with present date stamp(Provided SD card exists). If problems arises during upgrade installation, you can always uninstall the app and reinstall it again, then restore your data from backup copy if necessary.

 Installation to SD Card
Couple of users asked the option to install the app to SD card, However, we cannot provide such feature due to the nature of the application(To Do list with Alarm Services)
Here is link to Google Document:

Applications That Should NOT Install on External Storage:

Your running Service will be killed and will not be restarted when external storage is remounted. You can, however, register for the ACTION_EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE broadcast Intent, which will notify your application when applications installed on external storage have become available to the system again. At which time, you can restart your Service.
Alarm Services
Your alarms registered with AlarmManager will be cancelled. You must manually re-register any alarms when external storage is remounted.
Broadcast Receivers listening for boot completed
The system delivers the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast before the external storage is mounted to the device. If your application is installed on the external storage, it can never receive this broadcast.

 Download Unsuccessful
Occasionally when user try to download an app from the Android Market, the download seems get stuck. Here are a few things you can try to make it work:

1) Clear the Market app cache:
Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Market > Clear Data & Clear Cache.
Here is a link to Google support forum

2) Try canceling the download and starting it again. You won't get charged again for purchased app.

3) Force stop the Market app:
Go to  Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Market > Force Stop.
This might not be available in Android 2.1 and below

4) Rebooting your phone and try download again.

5) Try uninstall Checkmark and reinstall again if this is a upgrade. Make sure you backup data to SD card first so you can restore them back after re-installation.

 Cannot Find Paid Version of GreenbeanSoft Products in the Marketplace
Occasionally, some users cannot find paid version of GreenbeanSoft apps in the Marketplace.  Sometimes this happens during  firmware update or rooted phone.
This is a known issue and has been discussed in multiple threads:

Here is a workaround.