Choose Group

User can change the active group in dashboard by tapping on the drop-down group list arrow in dashboard header.

The default group is All group. To change the default group, please refer to the section Group Setup

When the drop-down group list arrow is tapped, a group list selection window will pop up. select a group to show all the items belongs to the group in dashboard

  • The left side of the group list shows the icon and name of the group. The right end of the group list show the number of task(s)/checklist(s) in each group.
  • The system default group will be shown in gray icon to distinguish the user defined groups or predefined groups(in Dark Green)
  • If there is no task or checklist in a group, the group will NOT be shown. For example, if there is no item in trash group, the trash group will not be shown. This applies to all groups.  
* When you create a new group, the group WILL NOT be shown in the drop down since there is no items in the group. Create a task or checklist and assign it to the newly created group will make the group visible in group drop down selection window.