Flag Items in Checklist

From Version 3.6, user can flag an item in Checklist as needed.  Here is a screen-shot of a checklist with some items flagged:

 How to flag an item in checklist

  1. Enter Edit mode in checklist detail view
  2. A gray flag will appear before all the un-flagged item(s) in checklist(Flagged items will show flag in orange)
  3. Click on the flag icon to toggle on/off the item's flagging status.

 Flag related operations

Show flagged only: like Show checked only/Show unchecked only in title context menu in view mode, Show flagged only can be invoked from title context menu in view mode as well
Flag all/Unflag All: since flagging item is done in Edit Mode of checklist, Flag all/Unflag All can be invoked from title context menu in edit mode

 Use cases

Shopping List:  A popular use case for flagged items will be shopping list, which user may have a more comprehensive shopping list initially.  If he/she need to buy some stuff, he/she can flag the item(s) in shopping list. During shopping time, he/she can filter flagged items by Show flagged only menu item in title context menu. After shopping is done, the flagged items can be un-flagged all and start over. 

Marker: Flagging item can be used to mark an item in checklist as needed.