Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Checkmark require all the user permissions?

Here are the list of permissions required by Checkmark:
android.permission.INTERNET(Lite version only)
android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION(Lite version only)
INTERNET and ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: required by Admob in Lite version.
VIBRATE: allows phone vibrate when the alarm is invoked.
: required to enable feature 'Sync to Calendar'
READ_CONTACTS:  required by pro version for setting up action items directly from phone book.
* All the permissions required by Checkmark are for feature enabling use only. Checkmark will NEVER abuse the permissions and violate user's privacy rights.

I cannot send checklist via email, what is wrong ?

Check whether the checklist name contains any unusual characters, e.g. / or \. Since the checklist is attached as a file, any character which is normally not allowed in Windows file name should not be used in the checklist name.
Per version 3.2. The issue is already fixed and any invalid character will be replaced with space character in the title.

How do I clear Checkmark notifications in my phone's status bar?

Drag the status bar and it will show the notification window. Click 'Clear Notifications' to clear all notifications.

How do I add Checkmark Widget to my Android phone?

Here is a step by step guide for you to add Checkmark widget to your phone:

Backup & Restore

I recently purchased a new phone, how do I transfer my checkmark database from older phone to new phone?

You can do it in two ways:
  1. If you have a dropbox account, you can use dropbox sync feature to sync data between different devices. For more dropbox sync functionality, please visit Sync Checkmark Database
  2. Manually transfer checkmark database
    • From Options menu, run Backup on your old phone. After the backup is done,  you will find the backup database with current date stamp(CheckmarkMMDDYY.db)  in your old phone's SD card under /Checkmark directory.
    • Plug your old phone to your personal  computer, find the backup file and copy the file to any PC directory.
    • Plug your new phone to your PC and copy the same file to your new phone's /Checkmark directory.
    • From Options menu,  run Restore from your new phone and you will get all your checkmark data on your new phone.

Android Market

My phone has been dropped into the water, fell to the ground or I simply want a better Android phone.  Will I get charged again if I download Checkmark Pro?

As far as we know, if you use the same Google checkout account and you have purchase record of Checkmark pro, you won't get charged again.

I purchased Checkmark Pro yesterday and it is still downloading it, Can you do something about it?

Unfortunately, it's known Android Marketplace issue.  Here are some link regarding the issue:

We hope Google will resolve the issue in the near future.