Google Tasks Sync

Google Tasks Synchronization is introduced in version 5.0 and available in Android OS 2.1 or higher. 

* The feature is still in beta phase and only available in Android OS 2.1 or higher due to API limitations.
* You can only sync checklist to Google Task List at the moment since Google Tasks is list based. We might allow user to sync individual task items to Google Tasks in the future(either to default list or user defined list)
* Since the Official Google Tasks API is still in beta release, user might encounter some sync issues in the beginning. We will be greatly appreciated it if you can write directly to us instead of posting comments in the market.

How to Setup

Checklist can be synced to/from Google Tasks as needed. The sync is bidirectional(Free version only allows sync to Google Tasks at the moment, not other way around).

 First you need to specify a Google Account to sync in Setting view:
  1. In Dashboard view, select Options menu and click Settings to bring up Settings view
  2. Tap on the Tasks Account entry to bring up Google Tasks Account selection dialog. Select the default Google Tasks Account you would like Checkmark to sync.
*  We only allows user to specify ONE Google Tasks Account for now.  In the future,  multiple Google Tasks Account sync will be allowed.  
Once the default Google Tasks Account is selected, you will be able to see Sync with Google Tasks option in Checklist Add or Edit window General Tab

If Sync with Google Tasks option is checked, the checklist will be synced with Google Task List during sync process.

To start checklist synchronization with Google Tasks:
  1. In Dashboard view, select Options menu and click More ->Sync with Google Tasks.
  2. The Sync process will start and a progress dialog will be shown.
  3. Once the sync process is finished, the dashboard will be refreshed to show the most recent data.

* The synchronization is bidirectional for Pro version and one way sync for Free version(from Checkmark to Google Tasks).
* For now we only allows manual sync. We will enable other sync options like auto sync soon once we get more feedback from user.
* Since the sync is bidirectional, the best practice to sync is ALWAYS Sync after Checkmark is started and Sync before Checkmark is closed to keep data consistency on both sides.
* Since Checkmark Checklist contains more data than Google Tasks, you still need to backup your data constantly to make sure your data security.


Once a checklist is successfully synced with Google task list, you will see a status icon in the left side of the checklist in Dashboard. This indicates that the checklist is synced with a task list in Google Tasks.