Import/Export CSV File

In Version 3.4, pro user can import a CSV file as checklist or export checklist as CSV file.  The feature is only available in Pro version.

 Checklist View in Checkmark
 Exported CSV file
 Text View
"5","Checklist Title","Checklist Note"
"","Category2:Item1","note for cat2:item1","10/02/2010","2","dozen"
Excel View

Title line

The first line is always reserved for title definition, it contains 3 field: ID, Title and Note.
The ID is internal database ID for the update purpose(you will see it when you export a checklist), you can leave it empty if you want to create a checklist for importing.
Note field is optional.

Category line

Category item is identified by the '[C]' string in the beginning of the title, the string will be removed while importing.
it contains 3 fields: Title, Note and Due Date. Note and due date field are optional. The date field is in MM/DD/YYYY format.

Item line
Item contains 5 fields: Title, Note, Due Date, Quantity and Units. Note, due date, quantity and units fields are optional. The date field is in MM/DD/YYYY format.
However, if you want to enter quantity without entering note and due date, you still need to leave empty fields for note and due date fields.


SubCategory or item under a category is identified by indent one more column under parent category.

Tips: If you are not sure about a format, try to create a checklist from Checkmark and export it as CSV file and check how the content looks like

Note: The format might be changed in the future based on user feedback. We will try to make it backward compatible.