Password Protection

Password protection is introduced in version 5.1.  It allows user to protect task or checklist against unauthorized access and operations.

Password Setup

To use password protection feature, you need to setup password in Settings window

  1. In Dashboard view, select Options menu and click Settings to bring up Settings view.  Scroll to Password Protection section.
  2. There is no password set initially.

  1. Tap on the Password entry to bring up Password Setup window.
  2. Enter the New Password and Confirm Password as needed.
  3. The password must be alphanumeric.
  4. Click save to save the password.

  • Once password is set, user need to enter old password to change password in password setup window.
  • To remove password protection, simply leave New Password and Confirm Password field empty after entering your old password.

Protect Task or Checklist with Password

Once password is set, user can protect task or checklist as needed in edit window.
 In task or checklist edit window:

  • The Password Protection checkbox will be shown if password is set in Settings.
  • Check the field to enable the password protection for the task or checklist.
  •  You will see a small lock icon shown in the status area of the item once password protection is turn on.
  • Once a task or checklist is password protected, any operation(such as edit, delete...) on the item will invoke a password validation dialog first.
  • Enter the password you setup in Settings window and click OK to proceed.
  • If the password entered does not match with the password in the settings, the operation will be aborted.