Release Notes

Version 6.8
This is a minor release with feature request and bug fixes.
  1. Added Android OS 2.1 and above backward compatibility support for devices with android OS lower than 3.0. 
  2. Fixed Google Calendar Sync issue.   
  3. Added alarm set off option in Settings to allow alarm to be set off while saving a task/checklist even when the alarm is past due.
Version 6.7
This is a minor release with feature added and bug fix:
  1. Added Premium feature: View on Map option menu. User can view all tasks and checklists with address action item defined directly in Google map. We will enhance and improve the functionality of the feature based on user feedback. 
  2. Enabled all pro version feature on the free version with advertisements.
  3. Group drop down is now sorted in task and checklist edit window.
  4. Fixed double entry issue when adding a action item in Checklist item.
  5. Fixed several syntax errors.
Version 5.1
This is a minor release with feature added and bug fix:
  1. Google Tasks Sync: fixed several issues with Google Tasks sync, including FC issue, Tasks in checklist sync and other small issues. Since Google Tasks API is still in beta release, we view the feature is in beta state as well. Make sure you have tested it a few times before you feel comfortable to use it on daily basis. We appreciate any feedback from you on this feature.
  2. Password Protection: user can set password and give password protection on specified task or checklist to prevent unauthorized access. Please check Password Protection section for more info.
  3. Aggregate function on Category: Category can show sum of children\'s quantity if Show total flag is checked in category edit window in checklist view.
  4. Alarm Light: user can turn on light notification when alarm sounds.
  5. Terminology change: Category in dashboard level will be referred as Group from now on. This is to distinguish from Category in checklist view. Please check Group section for more info.

Version 5.0
This is a major release with several features added:
  1. Google Tasks Sync: we finally implemented Google Tasks Sync using official google tasks API. Please visit our web site data synchronization section for detailed information. The Pro version allows two way sync and Free version only allows one way sync(from Checkmark to Google Tasks). We will improve the usability further based on users feedback.
  2. 24 hour time format: user can specify 24 hour time display and setup format in Settings window.
  3. Sync to calendar one day early: user can specify Sync to calendar one day early or late for all day event to offset sync issue.
  4. When a repeating checklist is set as complete, all the items in the checklist will be automatically unchecked and the due date will be advanced as usual.
  5. Snooze functionality is enabled in Free version.

Version 4.4

This is a minor release with features added and issues fixed:
    1.   Added Search feature in dashboard. Search now can be run in both dashboard and checklist detail view.
    2.  When user click on an item in widget or notification item from notification screen, the corresponding task/checklist will be opened in
    3.  Added Full View image button or menu item in dashboard header and option menu when search is performed or item is opened from widget or notification screen
    so user can switch to default all item view in dashboard.  
    4.  Ringtone will be saved properly in settings.
    5.  Auto clear notification once the notification from checkmark is clicked from notification screen.
    6.  Soft keyboard will not pop up automatically during edit.
Version 4.1
This is a minor release with features added and issues fixed:
  1. Task/Checklist Copy: Task and Checklist can be copied for re-usability in dashboard through context menu. 
  2. Repeat information for task/checklist is now shown in dashboard display.
  3. Added settings option to show/hide verbose information.
  4. Added settings option to show/hide splashscreen during start up.
  5. Added settings option to allow task/checklist sort separately or jointly in dashboard.
  6. Allow item/category to be deleted in context menu in Checklist view mode.
  7. Couple of UI changes in dashboard and checklist view based on user feedback
  8. More accurate progress indication during Show Flagged Only mode.
  9. Fixed a FC issue when editing an item in Checklist view during orientation change.

Version 4.0

This release addresses two most requested issues/features:
  1. Performance: We received plenty of user feedback about slow performance, so we reviewed the code thoroughly and re-designed the architecture to improve the efficiency. We hope you will notice the optimization and have better user experience.
  2. Task in the checklist (pro version only): This feature allows you to create a task item in a checklist. Like any other task, the task item created in checklist can be shown in dashboard, widget or Checkmark Calendar. 
  3. Fixed the search case sensitive issue: the search in checklist is now case insensitive.
  4. Added delete and checklist view support for Checkmark Calendar.
Version 3.12
This is a minor release with features added and issues fixed:
  1. Added Search functionality in checklist detail view. Check for more info.
  2. Added new sort option Sort by category in dashboard.
  3. Added category display for each item in dashboard when selected item is default All, Favorites,Finished or Trash category.
  4. Added auto link(phone, web, etc.) for text fields.
  5. Fix a Force Close issue when check off task in widget.
  6. More Integration with our newest Checkmark Calendar product in Marketplace.

Version 3.11

This is a minor release with features added and issues fixed:
  1. Integration with our newest product in Marketplace: Checkmark Calendar. Checkmark Calendar is a stand-alone app designed for managing Google calendars and Checkmark To Do List Manager. User can open Checkmark Calendar directly from Checkmark option menu Calendar. Please visit for more info about Checkmark Calendar if you are interested.
  2. Added feature: Sort items in alphabetical order in checklist detail view edit mode.
  3. In repeat setting, enable Repeat on completion date for daily type.
  4. The lines of title and note fields in Edit Task/Checklist window will be auto increased if needed.
  5. Widget type buttons(N, P, T, W,F) will be grayed out if there is no items inside.
  6. In Widget, fixed an ordering issue for item due tomorrow(in W type).   
Version 3.8
This is a minor release with features added and bug fix:
  1. New feature: Item/Category Quick Add Bar in checklist detail view. Check out Quick Add Bar section in for more info.
  2. New feature: Copy/Paste item/category in checklist detail view. The feature is available in edit mode through context menu.
  3. Added Quick Add Task button in widget.
  4. Added count with format (total_checked_item/total_item) for checklist item in widget. 
  5. Make sure category will expand/collapse if expand or collapse icon is clicked(Click on category in checklist detail view will expand/collapse it as well).
  6. Click on item in checklist detail view will check/uncheck the item in View mode. It will make the item active in Edit mode. The previous click behavior(Edit item) is moved to context menu.
  7. Fixed a HTML format error in Share via email.
  8. Fixed sync to calendar issue for all-day task in various time zones. 
  9. The alarm notification will be automatically cleared once the corresponding task/checklist is marked as finished.

Version 3.7

This is a minor release with features added and bug fix:
  1. Major UI design changes on dashboard with bigger icon and more compact design.
  2. Category Expand/Collapse state in checklist detail view will be saved per checklist.
  3. Show unchecked, checked and flagged mode will also be preserved.  
  4. Added <b>Repeat on finished date</b> feature on <b>Year</b> level.
  5. Fixed several places in code which might cause FC issue.
  6. Fix FC issue for Packlist add-on module.
  7. Delete button(s) in Finished folder and Trash folder which corresponds to the context menu delete

Version 3.4
This is a minor release with features added:
     1. Import/Export CSV file support for checklist(Pro version only). Please go to for more info.
     2. Added alarm ringtone settings for ringtone customization.
     3. Couple of users reports sync to calendar always one day late than due date specified in Checkmark. So we added a switch in settings page to adjust the difference.
     4. New interface for importing contacts. If you have problem in importing contacts before, this might resolve your issue.

Version 3.3
This is a minor release with features added:
    1. Complete repeat setting options with repeat intervals, weekday selections and monthly options. Allows complex repeat options like repeat every 2 weeks on Monday, Friday, etc.
    2. Added auto sync options in settings to allow automatically sync Checkmark items with due date to GCalendar once a calendar is specified.
    3. The backup now support timestamp and you can backup Checkmark database with Checkmark_MMDDYYYY.db format. Restore will allow you to choose the database you want to restore from. Backup often as needed.
    4. Per several users\' request, we changed the behavior of category clicking in Checklist detail. Click a category in checklist detail view will expand/collapse the category instead of opening the category for editing.
    5. Fixed couple of syntax issues in the code based on user feedback.

Version 3.2
This is a minor software update with feature implementation and minor bug fix:
    1. Added Import from contacts (Pro version only) feature for action items. User can import actions directly from address book.
    2. Allow user to enter multiple action items of the same type by typing the action type icon.
    3. Added New Item/Category menu item in checklist detail view options menu.
    4. Added Show checked only in checklist view title context menu.
    5. Fixed issue: cancel the alarm when a task/checklist is set as finished and the alarm is not invoked yet.

Version 3.1.1
Removed CALL_PHONE permission from Checkmark. This change was implemented in response to requests from several users who felt that thispermission may jeopardize their phone privacy. After serious consideration, we decided to take CALL_PHONE  off the permissions list.
In this version when 'Phone' feature is selected, instead of dialing the phone number directly Checkmark will bring up a dial window with phone number and user will have to initiate the call by pressing the call button.

Version 3.1
This is a minor software update with feature implementation and minor bug fix:
    1. Added Quick Add Bar support: allows user to quickly add task/checklist from dashboard, please visit our web site for more info.
    2. Added default Finished folder. Please visit our web site for more info about this advanced feature.
    3. The repeating task/checklist process has been changed to accomodate the newly implemented Finished folder
    4. The items listed in each due date group will be sorted by due time, title accordingly.
    5. The expand/collapse state of a sort group will be maintained throughout each session.

Version 3.0.1
Fixed Calendar API in Froyo.

Version 3.0  
  • Major software release with two important features implemented
    •   Action Item feature: You can attach 5 different action items (phone, message, email, address and web) to any task/checklist for quick access to certain phone functions.
    •   Sync to Google Calendar feature: you can now sync your task/checklist to Google calendar by setting up the calendar to sync in Settings.
    •   New designed web page with overview page and credits page added. Check them out at
    •   Fixed the alarm issue in repeating tasks so it will be properly reset.

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