Upgrade to Pro Version

Steps to take to upgrade from free version to pro version
If you ever decide to upgrade from free version to Pro version, here are the simple steps to take to carry data forward:
*** You need to make sure SD card is present and not full.
  1. Go to Option menu Settings.
  2. Click Upgrade to Full version, all the data in free version will be backed up to a file in your SD card with the current time stamp.
  3. After you have purchased the full version and successfully installed it, Go to Option menu Settings.
  4. Under Utilities click Restore,  select the back up database file from the dialog and all your data will be carried over from Free version to Pro version.
  5. Restart Checkmark and the data should be available in Pro version.
  6. You can remove/uninstall Checkmark Free version completely after the data is successfully restored to Pro version.