The Checkmark comes with a 2x4 widget and 4x4 widget(Pro version only) to display the tasks/checklists with due date. 

 The 2x4 widget and 4x4 widget are similar.

  • The left side of header shows the title of the current filter selection.
  • The 5 buttons in right side of the header will show items when click:
  • No Due Date(N): Task or checklist without due date
  • Past Due(P): Task or checklist past due
  • Today(T): Task or checklist due today
  • This Week(W): Task or checklist due between tomorrow and week after today
  • Future(F): Task or checklist due after week after today
  • The filter button will be Grayed Out if there is no task or checklist in it(W, F in the attached image)
  • In 2x4 widgets, 3 items can be shown. If there are more tasks or checklists for a given filter criteria, use the Back and Forward buttons in footer to navigate
  • You can check off a task by simply tap on the check icon for the given task just like in dashboard
  • For a given entry, the first line will show title of the item and the second line will show due date and note if there is any.
  • Tap on the item will take user to Checkmark app directly with the selected item showing.
  • Pro version only: If there are action items associated with a task or checklist, you can invoke the action directly from widget.
  • The footer will show the total number of items(4 in the attached image) and the current with total page(1/2 in this case) for given filter criteria
  • The Back and Forward buttons will allow user to navigate between multiple pages. The button will be grayed out if it's not applicable
  • The Refresh button will refresh all data from Checkmark database and repopulate the widget
  •  The Add button will bring up the Add Task window for user to add a task quickly from widget

When an item is tapped in widget,  Checkmark app will be invoked and the selected item will be shown in dashboard for review.

Noticed the Full View Icon will be shown in the dashboard header. Similar to search functionality, tap on the icon will return the dashboard to full view mode.